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Fly Rods

My friend and fellow rod builder, Dave Lewis, suggested that I include a little about myself, my likes, dislikes, background and adventures in a gallery.  He believes it gives people a better insight into a rod maker.   So here's a little about me.  As I said, I've been a fly fisher almost all my life.  I was born and raised in the little town of Mountain Grove, Mo, high on the Ozark Plateau.  Where I grew up waters flowed north, south, and east.   I enjoyed fishing those waters, though at the time I didn't know, how much.

Although I've fly fished from the time I was four or five, the sport of fly fishing has only been a big part of my since 1985, when I saw a fly rod in a shop in Ga. My wife and I were on our way to Maine and I'd heard there was good fly fishing in Maine. I didn't by the rod.  Maybe I should have, but it was so cheap the It's probably better I didn't.  I did eventually fish Maine several years later.
I hale from the Ozark Plateau.  It's my original home waters.  It's amazing how much good water started within 100 miles of my boyhood home.  Here's a look at the area.

fish on! T
hen there's a trip I took with Don Manning.  This page has quite a bit of "fish pictures," so if you're not into that it might be better to let it go.
fish on!
 Occasionally I go back to hill country, and chase the fish of my youth.  Large mouth, small mouth, sunfish and yes, trout.   The last few adventures were in North Carolina.
rod, reel and fish
Another place that I see a lot of is Sunrise Lake in the edge of the Ocala National Forest.  My wife and I were introduced to it and the cabin next to it, by a friend.  Years later we still rent the cabin. 

Don Coleman "wrote the book on fishing the flats around Tampa Bay.  Each year we hole an outing in his honor.  Here's the first memorial outing we held in his honor.

Marge's sister lives in Mt. Airy, MD.  Over the years, we've made several trip up to visit with George and Phyllis.  On one occasion I got to eat Christmas dinner with Santa.  But that's another story.

In the spring of 2007, Marge and I took the auto train from Orlando to just south of Washington, D.C. for an extended visit.

SnowfishingI'd made arrangements to fish with some fellow rod makers.  Little did we know that we'd end up looking like the cover of a Feb. fly fishing magazine
(caution, contains pictures of  dogs and cats living together.)

The Military

I was born during WWII when the issue was still in doubt. I grew up in the '50s and early '60s when everyone was or was related to someone who was in the military during that war.  The cold war was in progress and Cuba seemed to be a threat.  We never even knew of that little country called Vietnam.

One of Their Own

On 24 October, 2007, my brother-in-law,  George Roberts, died.  I first knew George as my sister-in-law's husband.  The two of them lived Silver Springs, MD.  They later moved to Mt. Airy, MD.  Over the years, as we visited, I learned that he had been a WWII vet.  In fact he'd gone ashore on Omaha beach the afternoon of D-Day.

One of their ownGeorge had made arrangements to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  Marge and I attended the services.  Here's my recollections of that day.

Sometimes I see something that's just too nice to pass up.  

People ask me if I had a shop cat. Well, here he is.
He was a stray that just showed up. His name is Scruffy.

Of course, some of my rods rods

Old reels are one category that catches my attention.

And Flys.  We all need a few flys.

Well I said I'd add something about cats so here it is.  A few pictures of our cats.

car Planes, nature, cats and
other interests.

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