(It was a time of innocence, summer of 2001.  Only last year we'd left the 20th century behind.  It was the
21st Century and things were changing.  We had no idea how. This photo essay was done that summer.)

Tails of the White River
Photos and other stuff that you might like
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JUNE 4 to the 10, 2001

Well, it was that time of year again.
NoArk VI is history. 
Here are some of the pictures.  Hope that you like them.....

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the Northfork
Friday evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
List of attendees

Larry Carli

John Maples

L.C. Clower and Brenda

Steve Furrer 

Doug (DK) Kroll

Ron Griffith Guerry Simmons

Bill Todd Jason
and Me.

A few words about the quality of some of the photos
I've got to apologize for some of the pictures in this page.  I was using a new camera that hasn't lived up to my expectations.  Maybe I just don't know how to use it yet.  Anyhow  Please bear with me. 
Morning on the White River
Bull Shoals State Park
When morning comes to the White it's usually time to grab your camera.  The cold water from the dam and the slightly warmer air meet to form a memorable setting for any vacation.   The boat is fairly standard for the river: long, flat bottomed, with a blunt bow.
"Would you like a cup of coffee?"
-Guerry Simmons
Well, that's how it started out.  I was looking for a cup of coffee, and he had this neat little one cup coffee maker.  Then DK showed up.  Then John, then Jason, then Larry, and eventually Steve and L.C. 
Guerry makes his coffee the old fashioned way, "One cup at a time." (pictured Guerry,  John, Larry and DK and Jason discussing flies.)

The Northfork
Jason Got his first shot at fishing in Arkansas on the Northfork  We fished down stream, but eventually went back to below the dam.  Fishing has always been good to me there.  The first fish I ever caught in Arkansas was in this stretch of water. Jason  seemed to like it.  Even though it was about 45 to 55 F. And, true to form, I did catch a fish here.  I was using a substitute muddler with the barb bent down and it had passed the T-shirt test.  However, I spied an Arkansas fish and game truck in the parking lot and decide to try the same "test" on my vest.  The fly  flunked!  It was about that time that I saw John M. talking to a couple of guides about the increased flow tests.  I decided to join them, until the AF&G agent left.  But He came down and joined us.  So for the next few hours I stood there smiling and nodding, knowingly at everything that was said...

Friday Evening
We returned to Bull Shoals Campground and decided to try the trophy trout area, up stream.   I was not having much luck, when I noticed my rod was acting strange.  Earlier in the day I'd put a fly into the bamboo just below the second ferrule.   The rod was starting to give way at that point.  Jason,  on the other hand, kept going up stream and hooked up with two very nice fish,  one 18 in and the other a little smaller. 
Friday evening I was going into town to get that traditional Catfish dinner, when Guerry invited us to sup with him.  He'd made enough pork chops for an army and boy were they good.  So was the rice.
(Ron, John, L.C., Guerry, Steve, Jason behind Larry and DK)
Bill Todd arrived later that night and remarked on a "Pink Electric Bird?"  Larry got the quote of  the clave award with, "You mean by the string chili pepper lights?  that's us." 
Later Jason got instruction on how to tie the "Scud." from Larry and Bill.

Coffee at the pink Flamingo this a.m. (Jason, L.C., and Brenda)
But, of course as these things go, it didn't stay that way for long.   The whole gang ended up discussing where to go and how to fish this day. 

(Ron, Jason, Steve, Larry, Brenda, John, L.C., "Floyd" and Bill)
Fly fishing Kiwi style.  Jason's got the hang of the camera now.  To bad I didn't have a  larger fish.

We followed the crowd down Wildcat Shoals but ran into John M and Ron G. who'd actually been fishing behind us. 
Hay Jason, is that water cold?

what ever I said, it must have been funny!
John and I exchanged rods for a few test casts. How do some folks make it look so easy...

Saturday Afternoon
It was time for a visit to Rim Shoals.  The water here is  decidedly warmer than at wildcat or the Northfork, which was good because, by this time my waders (Yep - I'd tried a quick repair) were leaking more than in the morning.  I hooked and lost one nice fish and another small fish.  Had several bites but couldn't get a stick on them.  Jason also hooked what he considered the best fish of the trip, but we never got a look at it.  This time I'm having problems holding the camera!  But look at the bend in that rod! Home sweet home.  Not to shabby for a couple of Florida Crackers.   If you're flying into the area you could do a lot worse.  The park has two of these "Rent a Camps"  located right next to the trophy trout area below the dam.

What's a Bar-B-Q without cooks?   And that's one thing that NoArk has plenty of.  If you come to a NoArk you won't go away hungry!  Of course Steve had his famous Red Beans and Rice.  But I didn't get a picture of it.  I was too busy eating!


Bill Todd brought his new creation - corn bread - he's now required to bring the same each and every NoArk.

The crew watching the pot! 


Tall tails r' us.

"It was this tall or this long"

Waiting for the swap
John Stanford and friend showed up Saturday evening for the BBQ, but I didn't get any good picks of them....
'nother NoArk done.

"I'll be back"

"I"m taking my coffee and going home now..."

See you all next year...

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