Friday -- "Should I go after it?
Or will it come after me?"
    We've always had cats.  Even before Marge and I were married, she owned two cats.        It's a little strange, because we weren't much of cat people before she got her first cat,  "Brillo."   Then it was only natural that when his sister, "Stephanie" needed a home, she moved in with Marge and Brillo.  That was over 29 years ago.  Cats have been, for better or worse, a part of our life from that time.
 TANG'S Poem
A POR (pissed off red in cat speak)  An old Curmudgeon That was all growl and no bite.
The Cat gallery
He was the comedian of the bunch.  A great cat  to have around   He lived a good life with us until he died at 14 years of age.
  official picture
8 years old.
Born old and grumpy he was still a good companion, who wanted to be close -- but not too close.

official picture
(yes we got  him on Friday)  He came to us in a Pepsi box.  We believe he has some "Abbie" in him. He likes water!
The newest addition to our family.  He's a Hemingway.  Six toes on each foot.  He's also a hunter that brings squirrel, snakes and birds home. 
And all the rest!
Ma`ma - a park cat
    We've had many great moments with our cats.  We feel lucky to have had them as members of our family.     Unfortunately, our niece, who's a vet specializing in cancer in small animals, says that it's not uncommon for non pedigreed cats to get mouth and nose cancer.  We lost Saturday Cat and Gallagher that way.  We've now lost Tang to the same cancer.  He had a tumor removed from his mouth last New Years.   We enjoyed  him while we could.
Love your cats  --  Spay your cats
And if you don't have a cat, visit the SPCA in your area.