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Well, Rods are what this site is all about.  Here are a few pictures of Rods that have been in my possession.  Not all of them are rods that I made.  Some are rods that I've re-built, re-wrapped, or re-finished. 

I got into this business because of John Gierach.  He made a comment in one of his books about getting out of serving in the military.  I served in the military and it made me a little unhappy with him.  Later I read that he only fished bamboo.   I set out to prove he was wrong about that too.  He wasn't.  (I guess being half right is Okay.)  I owe him a thanks for his nudge.

Shakespear Shakespeare 8 1/2ft 3p. This Shakespeare series was a very strong rod.  Note the spring loaded reel seat.
bunch o rods Here's a picture of my rods from a few years ago.  I've given several of them away. 
Reel Seat
One of my 6 1/2 ft. rods.  This one is a 5wt. I was able to pick up the reel seat in Mountain Home, AR, at the Sowbug Roundup.
down locking
A down locking rod that I "re-built" from parts and pieced.  This rod was auctioned off at my FF club.
stripper guides
Stripper Guides on two of my rods.  I The heavier the rod the more likely I am to use a heavy stripper.
3 7ft rods
3 7ft rods
ready for sale.
Wrap work on one of the rods I donated to my club's Auction. I usually don't get that fancy with thread, but it was for a good cause.wraps 8 ft 3 p 6wt
An 8ft 3p I did for
Karl Casias
Here's some pictures of one of my rods from the owner
Barry Demmers.

one of my rods
83 ft to the end of the drive.
distance casting is a fun game.  It doesn't prove much in fishing, but I've been able to cast this 7 1/2ft 5wt 80ft on a good day.  Your results may vary.
In 2007 I built a rod for FFF the Southeast Conclave.  I was not able to man a booth at the Conclave as I'd hoped, but sent the rod anyway.   I chose the 7ft 4wt because, in my estimation, it's one of the best tapers for a person who is looking at bamboo for the first time.
fff SE conclave rod.
I used light wood for the hexagonal rod tube with teak end caps.  The rod sock is molted green cotton, made by a Carol Ryon, a friend of my wife's and by far the best source of quality work I've been able to find locally.

detail fff SE rod.
I chose a struble reel seat that had a stabilized burl insert, which gave the reel seat lots of character.

I chose black tipped chestnut for the wraps.  The major wraps were white-black chestnut.

Other examples of my work
  Unfortunately there's no good way to take a picture of a fly rod (unless it's bent with a good fish on the line)  But here's a few of my rods.
6ft rod
6 1/2 ft rod
6 1/2 foot rods
7ft rod
7 foot rods
7ft 6in -5wt

Three piece rods

There's something about a three piece rod that screams "bamboo."  It
the classic image. 
For years, the majority of bamboo rods were 9ft 3piece.

 I build 3 three piece rods.  The extra ferrules and work involved in an additional section means that I have to charge a little more for these rods, but they are often worth it.  

6 ½ ft, 3 or 4 wt, 3 piece rod

7 ft, 4wt, 3 piece rod

8 ft, 6wt, 3piece rods

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