Other information on Bamboo Rod building

I'm not going to try to write another book on building bamboo rods.  Rather I'm going to try to add my small experiences, ideas and successes (and maybe a few failures to keep you from going down the same road) to the vast knowledge base on the science and art of building bamboo fly rods.
How I Do It  
I build a rod, step by step.
Quick links
Those other tools and supplies.  A list of tools that you may not have thought of.

Tools you can make
 --a ferrule puller
 --a wrapping station.
 --yet one more binder.
 --a sander that will always stay level with your work surface.
--a turning tool.

  -A design for
   Wooden  planing forms.
 -A way to get the
   V grove in the form.
  -Two ways to make
  Composite forms 

 -Thought on the sole (soul) of a  block plane.
 -How to judge them.
     The good
     The bad
 -How to fix some of the problems
 -One way to set what you want when grinding the original angle
 -One way to sharpen them

Rebuilding Bamboo fly rods 
 -Some ways to judge tapers

about Ideas, Tip and Tricks
  There's a great deal of information available to today's bamboo rod builder. There are many good books on building bamboo fly rods.  They're instructive and inclusive.  They'll tell you everything, step by step.  The Internet also has excellent  material for a beginning rod builder.

    Of course, there are a few things that are left to you.  For example, if you come across a Stanley  9 block plane at a garage sale or a flea market, how do you know if you should spent the money on it or pass it up?  How can you compare two tapers without casting the rods or using a lot of math?  Do you really need a lathe?  How do you set the angle you want to grind when you start sharpening a plane blade?  Everyone's heard of metal and of wood planing forms, but what about composite forms?  How DO you get that V grove in your forms. 

   There are more questions than any one (or even a hosts of authors)  can answer.  (And more ways to do something than one person likes.)  These are a few of my questions and the answers I came up with.  Most of my answers are adaptations of  someone else's work.  I've tried to refer to the original creator when I could.  If I've left anyone out, I hope you'll forgive me. 

Books that have helped me.

Bamboo rod Restoration Handbook Michael Sinclair Centennial Publications c.1994
Best of the planing Form Various, Alder Creek Enterprises c.1997
Constructing Cane Rods Ray Gould, Frank Amato Publications, Inc. c.1998
Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods Wayne Cattanach, The Lyons Press c.2000
The Lovely Reed John Howell, Pruett Publishing Company c.1998
McClane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia A. J. McClane, Hold, Rinehart and Winston c.1965
The Complete Book of Sportfishing Various, AB Nordbok c.1988
The Technology of Fly Rods Don Phillips, Frank Amato Publications, Inc. c.2000


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