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Every book on rod building gives you a list of the major tools and material you'll need.  In case they left some of these things out, here's a list of things I've found most helpful.
A. Paper Towels
B. Non - silicon lubricant
C. Various sizes masking tape
D. Band-Aids (oh yes you will.)
E. Gloves
F. Brushes
G. Pencils and marking devices
H. Wax Paper
J. Scissors
K. Half hitch tools
Band-Aids.  Bamboo is sharp.  Plane blades are (or should be) sharp.   Saws are sharp.  Scraper blades are sharp.  Knives and Foes are sharp.  You'll eventually need Band Aids -- probably sooner then later.

Gloves.  Most books on rod making suggest you use them at one time or another.  You'll probably not use both of them.  I use one to hold the bamboo, when I'm planing.  I've cut myself with both the bamboo and the plane blade.  It's a tough way to learn.

Masking tape.  I use it for all kinds of things from wrapping the glued up blank before cutting to reduce splitting, to fitting reel seats to rod blanks.  Get several sizes.  For temporary jobs, use new masking tape.  Don't leave it on for long if you're going to remove it.  The longer it's on a surface the harder it is to remove.

Marking devices.  I have pencil, felt tip  markers and grease pencils in a can on my workbench.  A pencil mark will come off bamboo but felt tip  markers can stain it.  Marks on a form last longer and are easier to read when done in felt tip marker.

Brushes.  Old toothbrushes have a hundred applications, from cleaning out sandpaper to spreading glue.  I keep a bunch in my tool box. (An old paint brush works good to keep your planing form clear of shavings and other junk).

Paper towels.  Keep a roll handy.  You'll be wiping something up or wiping something off.   I use it to smooth out the wax on the bottom of my planes.

Non silicon lubricant.  Removing excess metal  from a plane sole, or unsticking a part.  a spray lubricant is a good thing to have.  Just make sure it doesn't have any silicon in it.  A lot of builders report silicon in the shop cause glue failure.  Silicon lubricant tends to migrate all over the place when you're not looking.

Wax Paper.  Used to keep glue off your work space.  

Scissors.  Belever it or not, most books don't include scissors in the list of things you'll need.  I guess they figure you should know that.  You'll cut tape, thread and glue covered binding twine with one kind or another.

Half Hitch Tools. Really nothing more than coper tubing, but when your hands are covered with glue, your rod section is covered with glue and your work bench is coverd with glue, you'll be glad you've got one handy.  Make up several sizes for both ends of butts and tips.

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