6½ft,  3p, 3 or 4wt.

This is my "suitcase rod."  The overall length of each section is only 2ft 3in.  Tube  length is under 2 1/2 ft. The  taper for this rod  came from one of my personal rods and the action is comparable with other rods in  it's size range.  It will cast a reasonable distance but the tapers aim is to perform well in tight places.   That means that it must be able to load quickly and roll cast very well. 

Like all of my rods it has 12", 15" and 18" wraps measured from the butt.   This allows me to estimate the size of any fish I might be lucky enough to land.  You can see the 12" and 15" wraps on either side of the rod description.  Other dimensions I use include reel seat length, butt to top of grip, and butt to top of grip wrap.  A little math can tell me, almost to the inch, just how big my fish really is. (I am a fisherman, after all.  Fish I catch and release always get bigger the further I get from the stream.)

The snake guides on this rod were wrapped in chestnut and the ferrules and stripper were wrapped in goldenrod and tipped with chestnut.

One of the little fish who came out to play.  Judging by the size of the grip, this fish is about 8 ½".
A good size for this stream.

For me 6 ½ ft rods are ideal rods for tight places.   The stream where I took this fish is often so small that it would be impossible to side case under brush with a larger rod.  Often the only cast available is a roll cast.  Most of  the tapers I build are good roll casting tapers.  I'd hate to be stuck with a rod that won't roll cast.

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