7 foot rods
7foot rod
This taper is based on the very popular "Sir D."  Wayne Cattanach based his taper on an even older taper from the golden days of rod making.   That taper was, in turn, refined by Daryl Hayashida.  The rod is one of the best "cross over" tapers for people transitioning from graphite to bamboo.  It's fast, powerful and has a great roll casting ability.  This is my version of that taper.

k7ft details
I've probably built more of this taper than any other.

7ft rod
This 4wt was wrapped in red silk -- nothing else.

grip detail
Details of the rod

tube and sock
Getting ready to ship to a customer.

This rod was sold to the Tampa Bay Fly Fishing club for auction at it's banquet

Another 4 wt.  I got a little fancy with this rod.  I guess I wanted to make up for the simplicity of the other rod.

5 wt rod
The 5wt version of this rod.  It's one of my favorite rods.

A little bass, take on Alligator Creek, behind UPARC in Clearwater, Fl.
This is my personal rod. I was actually casting under a foot bridge when I took this little fish.   The creeks not very big here, so the fight wasn't long or hard.

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