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There are four things  a custom builder can do to make a rod a personal fishing tool.  He/she can wrap the rod with chosen colors, use a custom reel seat, or change the hardware. 

Finally he/she can create or use a different or even unique rod grip. 

The grip, of course, should be made to fit the style of the fisher.  When I cast my hand moves up or back on the grip, depending on the type and distance of the cast.  The grips has to be small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and long enough to allow for any of the up and back movement.  Also, It shouldn't look out of place on the rod. 

Below are the most common grip shapes and a few comments on them. 

Western (Reversed half Wells)
The western (or reversed half wells) has a larger front end than the ultrafine.  This grip is better for larger hands.  It has a definite break between the front of the grip and the rod butt. This is the handle that I normally use. (return)

Modified Cigar
The modified cigar is sometimes found on Orvis rods.  It allows the hand to move forward when casting.  The rear 1/2 has little or no taper and can accept an uplocking reel seat.  (return)

The cigar is the traditional grip for light and medium rods.  It's best used with down locking or sliding bands  Although an uplocking reel seat can be used, it can't be hidden under the butt of the grip. (return)

Ultra fine
The ultra fine, Western, and reversed half Wells are related.  They have the butt of a full wells and the tip of a cigar.  The ultrafine comes close to blending into and in some cases does blend into the rod.  It's a good choice for anglers that like the revered half wells on smaller rods, where a person wants an uplocking reel seat hidden in the grip. (return)

Half wells
The half Wells or modified half Wells (sometimes called a Fenwick style) is just the revers of the Ultra fine or the Western style.  Casters who like support of their thumb are often happy with this grip. (return)

Full Wells
The full wells is the classic large rod cork grip.  It allows casters support both at the rear and front of the rod.  It can look out of place on smaller rods. (return)

Custom Grips
Of course there are many other styles of grips, Garrason, Ritz, coke bottle, to name a few.  While I'll be glad to custom build a grip for you,  I don't like to do it. See my comments on Cork. (return)

A few words about Cork
It's hard to find really good cork.  I've looked all over the Internet and ordered from most suppliers.  Very few have returned satisfactory cork rings.  A few companies will supply good pre formed grips.  Consequently, if I can order it, I don't turn grips.  I occasionally get an order for a specific grip shape that can't be ordered.   I will supply the custom grip with the best cork I can lay my hands on, at no additional cost to the customer.
I normally don't fill anything but the largest voids.  Filling voids in cork quickly reaches the point of diminishing returns.  Look at a cheap grip with poor cork that has numerous filled voids and see what I mean. 
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