Reel Seats
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One of the first things a person sees when looking at a rod is the reel seat. Beyond appearance reel seats are functional have evolved around different needs and tastes. 
Here are a few different types of reel seat I've used in the past.

I use reel seats manufactured by Struble, PAC Bay, REC and Bellinger.

* Uplocking rosewood insert (My standard reel seat)
The Uplocking reel seat with wood insert is my standard reel seat.  It places the reel close to the back of the casting hand, moving the center of gravity forward.
The model I have chosen is light weight, attractive and functional.  It's meant to last a long time.

Downlocking with walnut insert
The downlocking reel seat is another popular reel seat.  This reel seat moves the weight of the reel away from the casters hand.  It's often chosen for longer rods, where the weight of the rod needs to be balanced by the reel.
The Down Locking reel seat I use is attractive and functional. 

Uplocking aluminum
Another variation in reel seats is the material.  This reel seat is an black anodized aluminum reel seat.  These seats ar popular with people who want  light weight. 

Uplocking gold reel seat with redwood insert
Traditional reel seats are often made of aluminum or nickel silver.  Today other materials are available.  This reel seat features a gold colored alloy, bonded to the surface of the reel seat.  This non traditional choice is seen by some as gaudy, however it can be tastefully done when paired with a matching reel. 

Downlocking maple sliding band
The sliding band  is another popular light weight reel seat.  Contrary to popular opinion, the sliding band reel seat usually holds the reel very secure. 
It's recommended for lighter, shorter rods.  The down locking version will move the reel away from the back of the hand.

Uplocking rosewood sliding band
The uplocking sliding band will move the weight of the reel closer to the back of the casting hand.  Good for small or light rods.

* If you want to substitute a reel seat, I can replace my standard reel seat with a reel seat of your choice.  The only additional cost will be the difference between the cost of my reel and the reel seat you select.
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