Wading Staffs

The wading staff is essential for those that wade in swift water, over slippery bottoms.

Several years ago I acquired a number of old bamboo boat rods.  My intentions were to split them out to the original strips, then plane them to fly rod size.  At the same time I was doing some wade fishing in North Carolina.  My usual wading staff was a piece of driftwood picked up stream side.  It dawned on me that the boat rods would make good wading staffs, so I tried one.  It worked. I now carry one with me when I go stream fishing.
Bamboo wading staffs are fine fishing tools
The staff is 4 feet long with a brass tip and decorative butt cap.  The bamboo is protected by multiple coats of polyurethane varnish. The Ferrule allows easy assembly -- disassembly.  The two pieces come in a cloth bag.
Price $150

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