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Comments about Fish Tested rods.


6 ft, 3 wt. 2 piece Small Stream.
"Many thanks for donating the custom made bamboo rod which I was fortunate to obtain at the Suncoast Fly Fishers club auction last year. I enjoy using this rod whenever I am on fresh water. I used it while fishing the East Fork of the French Broad River in June of last year and caught several Rainbow and Brown Trout. It's 6 foot length was ideal for this stream with heavy overhanging tree branches. I liked the light feel of the rod, yet it the backbone to throw a large surface hopper pattern and a weighted dropper. I caught fish on both. In August fished a small 1000 acre lake in northern Minnesota and caught many Blue Gills and other sunfish on this rod. Although there are many larger fish in the lake (Northern and Small Mouth Bass) I caught none of these while targeting the sunfish. I really enjoy using this Bamboo rod."
-Forest Thibidu

6' 6" 4 wt. 2 piece Classic Dry
"This rod is worth $1200"

-Mel Krieger
during the auction of the rod at the Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club 2005 Banquet.

"I own three of your rods."
"The quality of your work continues to show your love affair with this very difficult material as you continue to create a masterpiece from a very rough beginning. Putting a small fly on a fine leader matched to a double tapered line makes me feel like the fly fishing legends are standing next to me as your rod transmits the cast. I can't wait for the opportunity to see the first trout sip my offering this spring. Excellence is a continuous journey that you certainly have accepted."
"You might want to add this comment to your website:
"Measured seventy-five foot casts were made with the two six and one half foot four and five weight rods with both weight forward and double tapered lines."
    Photo's from Capt. Pat
    bamboo and trout
    bamboo and Brown
    nice rainbow

- Capt. Pat Damico

     Today is day #2 of the trout season up here. I didn't take out the bamboo yesterday but I did today. I couldn't be happier with the rod that you built for me. After about 5 minutes of worrying about it being fragile I discovered what a fine tool it is. The first fish I caught with it was an 11 inch rainbow trout and I went on to catch the slam with it----rainbows, browns, and brook trout. I even got a few wild brookies which are my personal favorite. The brook I fished is still a little high and the water is cold so I just fished little streamers today. The rod performed every type of cast I use perfectly, from regular casting to roll casting to a few casts that small streams demand that I can't begin to describe. Just taking it out of the tube and sock and smelling the varnish was pretty exciting stuff. I love it.
      At one point you asked for a little feed back.  I agree with one of the letters on your website that a hook keeper would be a nice touch. Other than that, I think you've made me a wonderful rod. I can't wait to cast dry flies with it.
      I'll keep you updated from time to time about my adventures.
                You really did a nice job, thank you.
Craig Weiner
 - Craig Weiner

And then there's this...
"...Your rod was totally tested this morning. I caught my first steelhead of the year with it.
 It wasn't my biggest, 22" but she tested the rod quite well,

I'll test the next one for you too.
Happy customer"

(Steelhead on a 6 1/2 ft rod?  Amazing...TK)

8'  6wt. 3 piece Classic Trout

Anyone have experience with rods from this maker?I have an 8ft 3pc hollowbuilt 5-6wt rod from Terry that is a workhorse,handles wind well,can throw a very long line while still being very capable in the 20-30ft range,light for a 6wt,exellent cane work with very tight seams,blonde cane,great ferulle fit,super straight.Nice rod for fishing out west and his prices are more than reasonable,if anybody else owns one i would like to here your impressions and what taper you have.

-Karl Casias.
on the Classic Fly Rod Forum.

7ft 4wt. 2 piece Classic trout

I went to a local stream this morning and spent a couple of hours getting
familiar with the rod.
The water level is finally receeding from all the rain we've had.
Yep, This is the first time I've had a chance to fish a stream since I got
the rod.
The mild temperature doesn't hurt.

I found the rod to be very forgiving. I can cast quite well with it.
Actually, I believe better than ever.

The flyrod roll casts nicely, as you said it would. I haven't tried any
distance casts. Maybe, 35-40 feet.

I know I will enjoy fishing with your rod for many years.

Thanks again.

Enjoy the holidays,
Barry Demmers

P.S. I think a hook ring would be a nice touch.