Planes for sale

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I loved block planes even before I started building bamboo rods .  Each time I came across one, I'd buy it.  Eventually I had more than I could use.  Many more!  I've finely decided to get rid of a few of the planes that have set in a tool box for far too long. 

Each plane is in working order and the blade is sharp.  Other than that, what you see is what you get.  I'm offering these planes for far under collectors price.  add $5 for postage.


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Plane A $15
Name: Stanley
length: 6 1/8"
Width: 15/16"
Blade: 4 1/8"x1 5/8"- marked

Plane B $15
Name: none
Length open 7"
Width: 1 7/8"
Blade 4 1/8" x 1 5/"  -marked:
New Briton

Plane C $15
Name: Stanley
Length: 6 7/16"
Width: 2"
Blade: 4 5/16 x 1 5/8" - marked:
Made in England

Plane D $7  (a good utility plane.)
Name: Buck Bros.
Length: 7"
Width: 2"
Blade: 4 5/16" x 1 5/8" 
Blade not marked.
Remarks:(spare blade in original wrapper.)


Airbrushes:  It's the same as the planes.  Over the years I've been collecting them and after some use I put them aside as I acquired a new one.  They work, some better than others.  I got a few, like the Xactos, on a whim.  One was given to me as a gift by a sales person at a hobby shop, providing I could bring it back to life.  A good cleaning and a new hose made it a very attractive tool.

so here's a list of 8 airbrushes I'm trying to get rid of.  If you don't want them then I'll find someone who does.

3 4 5 6 7

Badger 100
Very old (but good) Badger 60s
Badger 350
Badger 150
Paasche V
Testers(?) I really don't know.  New.
Xacto (Humbrol) double action with color cups and bottle attachment
Xacto single action


Plus $5.00 shipping