Bamboo Fly Rods
Where, when and how are you going to fish?
 Species you usually pursue
o Sunfish, o Bass, o Trout, o Steelhead, o Saltwater, o Other
Type of most of your fishing
o Small Stream, o Medium stream, o River, o Lake, o Saltwater, o Various
  o Dry,  o Wet,  o Nymph,  o Streamer
Rod model  (What would be your choice for the above?)
  o Small Stream 6ft. 2p. line wt 2, 3 or 4
  o Classic Dry  6 1/2ft. 2p line wt 4, 5
o Classic Traveler  6 1/2ft. 3p  line wt.  3, 4 or o 7ft 3p line wt. 4, 5.
o Classic Trout 7ft. line wt 4, 5  7 1/2 ft or o 7 1/2 2p line wt. 4, 5 or o 8ft 3p line wt 6
 Finish o Blond      o Brown Town   o Flamed
Hardware   o Chrome o  Black
o Chrome   o Black
  Tiptop   o Chrome   o Black
Thread   Primary wraps color  ___________  Tipping Color _________
o Silk      o Nylon
 Reel seat
 o  Standard Up locking
 o Standard Down locking
  Sliding band  o Up locking  o Down locking
 o Special Order __________________________
o Cigar
 o Superfine
 o Half Wells
 o Western
 o Full Wells
 o Custom _________________________