Iím sorry to announce an increase in the price of my rods. 

For over the last dozen years Iíve been selling my rods at the same price.  I did this for two reasons: first, to allow people who wanted to buy a good bamboo rod, but didnít want to lay out several thousand dollars for the opportunity fish bamboo.  Second, after retirement I wanted to have a purpose in life beyond watching reruns on TV.  I really wasnít interested in making a profit. (After the cost of material I make very little on a rod.)

Unfortunately, while I continued to sell at 20th Century prices, my costs continued to go up.  Some suppliers went out of business, meaning I had to find other suppliers who were at least a bit more expensive.  In a few words, Iíve been giving my labor away.

The bottom line is, itís now cost prohibitive for me to continue to make Bamboo rods at the old prices.

Therefore, starting the first of August 2016 there Iíll be using the following prices:

Makerís rod (the type rod I personally fish)

Two piece Rod $750

Three piece rod (two tips or three pieces) $950

Four piece rod (Three piece with two tips) $115

Extended rod (Extra wraps)

Two piece rod $850

Three piece rod (two tips or three pieces) $1250

Four piece rod (three piece, two tips) $1350