availableAvailable rods.

I occasionally go to  Fly Fishing shows.  I build some rods to sell at the shows.  Sometimes I bring some of  them home and put them on sale.  For a person who only wants a new bamboo rod they're a steal.

Here is a list of rods that I have on hand.

Classic Trout

(Reel and flies not included.)
shipping and tax included.
 Seven 1/2 ft. 5wt. two piece, two tip rod. 
  • This rod has one of each of the tips I plane for the 7.5 Classic rod.
  • Standard up locking reel seat.
  • Cigar cork grip
  • Maroon wraps - white tipped.
  • New rod bag.
  • Rod tub has small dent toward bottom.
  • Guaranteed